The Great Telescope At Birr

72 Inch Reflecting Telescope. 1841-1845
72 Inch Reflecting Telescope. 1841-1845

Built in the 1800`s by  William Parsons the third Earl of Ross and his wife Mary Rosse. She was an accomplished blacksmith and created much of the ironwork that supported the telescope.


88mm Gun Flak 36/37


I got this model as a Christmas present form my wife. Lucky me 🙂

really looking forward to getting stuck in to building it but there are already 4 models in progress on the bench.

1 HMS Victory – airfix 1:180

2 Messerschmitt Bf109e-3 – airfix 1:72

3 German motorcycle BMW r/75 sidecar – Tamiya 1:35

4 Viking ship – Revell 1:50

I should finish up at least a couple of them before starting another one.






It looks like a nicely complex build, the instruction booklet is 16 pages including a history of the gun over 3 of the pages.

9 figures, the main gun (parts to make a choice between two variations of the gun), its two bogies and a Zundapp motorcycle.

This will call for some sort of diorama.



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